Jul 01


Mac oddity - Terminal Fun 1

So I was looking at my files today via the terminal and noticed an @ sign next to one of the files. This is sort of odd since the file was just a text file and I downloaded it as part of an open source project.

Check it:

Notice the special apple command ls -@ to show the details of what that @ means. It indicated extra metadata on the file. Thanks to Flester’s blog on the post.

Some other details of the @ sign is over on mac hints.

I fixed it just by cat changes.txt > newfile.txt; rm changes.txt; mv newfile.txt changes.txt.

Also for the finderinfo 32

mkdir temp
cp file temp/
cp -XR temp newtemp

cd newtemp
ls -@l

Sourced from: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=841825